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Personalized private guided car tour of Mt.Fuji (Fuji Five Lakes) and the surrounding areas

3,600 yen / 30 min / group
All listed prices are for a group! (up to 6 people) The price stays the same if there are one person or six people.
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Why Love It:


- Visit hidden spots as well as tourist destinations

- Make new memories, experience local culture

- Avoid the hassle, no waiting in line for a bus

- Reasonable cost, comparable to a bus tickets


Visiting Mt.Fuji?

Would you like to take a tour that allows you to see all the sites of the Mt.Fuji area, from the most famous attractions to hidden gems? Hokuroku Works can guide you.

Explore the Northern Mt.Fuji area with me! This tour is operated  only for you, and the itinerary is arranged for your situation. Let's go driving and walking while feeling the air of nature and seeing history, local culture.

TOUR GUIDE: Takahisa Hosoya

Hello. I am a Japanese local tour guide for Fuji Five Lakes area who have lived in Fuji-Kawaguchiko since 2010.
I have lived many places such as city, countryside, and abroad in my life and shared their good things in the past.

Especially, my town, Fuji Five Lakes area has a lot of unique characters, and I would like tourists from other countries to have deeply understand and enjoy the time here.
I love sharing knowledge about anything, it would be great trip going around with its background than giving only a passing glance at things. 

It's pretty obvious, but the guide who lives in the local knows more like small new things, seasonal features, and daily conditions, than others such as guide from Tokyo.

Just think of me as a friend who can give you all the tips needed for Japan or just show you a good time!


- The tour contents may vary due to traffic or other conditions.

- Please ensure you have adequate travel insurance to cover the consequences of any unexpected illness, accidents etc.

- If you cancel a tour or activity less than 72 hours before your intended date of participation no refund will be issued under any circumstances. 

- In the event that you fail to participate in the tour or activity booked, appear late or cut short early, no refund will be issued under any circumstances.

3,600 yen / 30 min / group

Anytime between 8:00-16:00(17:00)
Please contact us for more time

- Time/Duration:

   Choose when you book

- Pick-Up/Drop-Off Point:

   Your chosen location

   within Fuji Five Lakes area

   *Tell us after booking


- Transportation(charter service)

- Gas

- Insurance


- Road toll

- Parking fee

- Attraction entrance fee

- Other personal expenses

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