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in Fuji Hokuroku

Native Fuji offer a selection of high quality, affordable private guided tours of various duration around Fuji Five Lakes area operated by an experienced and knowledgeable guide.

Whether you are looking for an exhilarating tour filled with activities, enjoy a relaxing vacation with your family or anything in between, we are able to arrange everything for your visit. Contact us for a once in a lifetime experiences in Fuji, Japan.

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Kayaking \ Forest walking tour


Coming soon

*The price stays the same if there are one person or six people. 

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Homemade dishes with LOCALS at their House

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The Expert’s

Guide to the
Fuji Five Lakes

Takahisa Hosoya

Love this beautiful, mysterious foot of Mt.Fuji area.

My goal is to have you come as a foreigner, but leave as a local!

Hello. I am a Japanese local tour/experience operator for the Fuji Five Lakes area who have lived in Fuji-Kawaguchiko since 2010.

I have lived many places such as city, countryside, and abroad in my life and shared their good things with the people around myself in the past.

Especially, Fuji Five Lakes area, where I live has a lot of individual characters, and I would like tourists from other countries to have deeply understand and enjoy the time here.

I love sharing knowledge about anything, it would be great trip going around with its background than giving only a passing glance at things. 

I would like to you know that there are many great hidden places even if you couldn't see Mt.Fuji. Most of them are difficult to get by buses, so I'm sure my tour will be good to enjoy your trip and make it different, unique one compared to the others.

It's pretty obvious, but the person who lives in the local knows more like small new things, seasonal features, and daily conditions, than others such as guide from Tokyo.

Just think of me as a friend who can give you all the tips needed for Japan or just show you a good time!

As you know, the corona virus news have been getting too much attention, and you may be worried about traveling in Japan, but it is actually not so serious here especially in the countryside like here.


I walked around the town and talked the tourists to take a video that "We are enjoying Japan".  (Thank you to the people!)

I'm really happy if you are coming to Japan and looking forward to welcoming you as a Japanese.


We are in Japan! We love Japan! -Previously released

We are in Japan! We love Japan! -Previously released

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Rent ¥100

Fuji Five Lakes?

One of the most popular
area for visitors

A lake resort lies northern Mount Fuji.

Only 100 minutes highway bus ride from Tokyo.

It’s a natural, historical, and perfect area for enjoying, relaxing in Japan.

More information??

You will need some information such as Transportation, Food, etc.

Please visit the Page "Savvy Fuji"!!


Thank you!!      

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