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I would like to reply as soon as I can, but it may take a while for me to respond sometimes especially when I have many contacts, because I'm self-employed and work by myself.

Most of answers are on the webpages, please check and read them first. You can see the availability on the booking page, too.

I will make a list of frequently asked questions soon, but more couple of weeks please!





Can you inform me of your availability?

Please check the booking calendar. The tours and activities are sold online and availability is changing every minutes.

When can I start booking the tours? 

Bookings will open 90 days before the session starts. (ex. the tour start at 10:00 am can be booked 10:00 am,JCT of the 90 days before)

Date Calculator (Choose the booking date, the "Subtract", and input "90" in the "Days" section)

How much it would cost?

Depends on the activities and duration. Each booking page shows the rate. Please visit each page and check the cost, what included.

Can you send me an  itirinary?

I will make the itinerary depending on the weather and road conditions, and I don’t go to big touristy attractions such as Ropeway, 5th station of Mt.Fuji, Famous caves, instead I would like to take you to some non-named hidden gems, off the beaten path spots which are less touristy and more relaxing. But please just note that it could be changed even on that day depending on the situation.

Check the "Description", too.

Can I make my itinerary?

It's basically arranged by us since there is a regulation where I can go. You can ask your request but most of places are impossible due to our law in Japan. The places I can include are away from town that public transportation is not easy to go.

How many hours would you suggest?

For example, if it’s 3-4 hours tour, we can go around Kawaguchiko Lake area and Saiko Lake area, 

If you would like to add Fuji-Yoshida area or Oshino area, or both, it would be 5-8 hours tour.

How many people can join the tour?

Depends on the activity/tour. About the  guided tour, the shuttle van is 8 seater including a driver, so I usually take the people up to 6 to not feeling cramped, although 7 of you can ride if you don’t mind to take the seat one person in front, three people in middle, three people in back seat. A child seat will come in the middle seat.

Can you pick-up/drop-off at Tokyo? Hakone? Gotemba? Other area?

No. Pick-up/drop-off are available in Kawaguchiko/Fuji-Yoshida area only. Those cities above are far away, 1-2 hours driving distance from our town and it’s illegal to send people from A to B like from other cities to Kawaguchiko for me(only taxi or travel companies can), so I can’t go out of this area for pick up/sending.

Is it possible to include a visit to a mueum / strawberry farm / wine vines

No. The guided tour doesn't include those kind of attractions. Those places can be visited without a guide.

Please check the information on the webpage before making inquiry.
Most of questions especially about itinerary, number of people, availabilit, price are mentioned.
Thank you.

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