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This whole trip was just amazing.

This whole trip was just amazing.

A treasured memory of our Mount Fuji

A treasured memory of our Mount Fuji

really worth the money

really worth the money



More of a friend than a tour guide.

More of a friend than a tour guide.

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Saiko Lake


Jean Luc Berson


​Aug. 11. 2019

We had a great time (even too short time) with Taka travelling threw magic places. My wife, myself and especially kids were very happy to meet Taka which is a very passionate guide, but moreover a very good person ! We were more friends than customer and guide ! Take care of You Taka and see You in France , You’re welcome ! 

Jean, thank you for your warming comment. It was precious time for me that spending the day with your kids and I'm also happy in being able to hear that you liked it. Please let me bring my kids to France near future! Matane!

John Sharp


​Jul. 26. 2019

Guide is an extremely friendly local who is passionate about the Fuji area.

We booked our guide with Taka less than a week in advance (I don't recommend that!) and he quickly responded to the request and we worked out the details. He picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel near Lake Yamanakako and stuck with us for longer than the 3hr window we had reserved; he was very clear up front that he had no issue with going past 3hrs if we fell behind schedule. He was very knowledgeable about the region, the geography, and the history of the area. Our hope was to get good views of Mt Fuji but the weather did not allow this. Taka had several sights in mind for us to see that were good even in bad weather conditions. After the tour, Taka even sent us a long list of recommendations for sights to see in Tokyo which was our next stop. This is such a great example of the extremely accommodating culture of Japan. Highly recommended if you're in the area!

John, thank you for posting your experience and the day. It was shame that it was bad raining day, but I'm glad you were enjoying Fuji Five Lakes area and understand local good points. I'm pleased that I can share those good things with many people since I thought they are great. And I appreciate for spreading them here. Please come back again to see clear Mt.Fuji next time!

Carol Yao

New Zealand

​Jul. 18. 2019

Fabulous time thanks to a wonderful guide.

We arrived at Kawaguchiko with no real plans and bumped into Taka outside the train station. He was available for the day and for a very reasonable price took us on a tour around the area for a couple of hours. It was so good to have someone who could share local knowledge. Taka is friendly and genuine, and goes the extra mile to help. He gave us ideas for the rest of our time here and we spent a fabulous day checking out his suggestions. Can’t recommend highly enough. Thanks Taka!

Thank you very much for your review. I was happy to meet  you there and hear you spent great days in my birth place,  Hokkaido! It was also an interesting coincidence that you were staying just near my place. I enjoy to see your photos on the web, I will visit your beautiful country with my kids! Keep in touch!

Casey Zagaria


​Jul. 10. 2019

Great tour, wish we had more time! Taka is an excellent tour guide. We took a tour of the Five Lakes, stopping at a breathtaking waterfall, Oishi Park, traditional village, lakeside, Jukai Forest and Wind Cave along the way. If we had more time, we would have taken it to see even more sights. Taka’s English is wonderful and he was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable  and professional. Highly recommend!

Thank you for writing comment here Casey, your review will be helpful to know how it is for next visitors.
It was short time, but I was glad to see you enjoying the area even we didn't have chance to see Mt.Fuji on that day.
I'll book the camping space for your next visiting, please contact me anytime!

Casey Elise


​Jul. 10. 2019

Staying in the Mount Fuji area but can’t find a decent tour that starts from here? Look no further! Taka is an excellent guide. His English is superb, as is his knowledge of the area. We packed everything we wanted to see into a three hour tour, but if you have the time I highly recommend the extra hour add-on. The combo of walking and driving is just right. So much to see in a beautiful area, but will definitely do more next time.

I think there's nothing that could make me happier than your message! The area helps me to have the traveler enjoying, too. I believe it would be great one if you see them with their background, and thank you for your understanding.
You couldn't see the Mt.Fuji at this time so Mt.Fuji will be looking forward to see you next time!

Penny sekartaji


​Jul. 6. 2019

More of a friend than a tour guide.
Taka-san is very friendly, felt like he’s more like a friend than a tour guide that we’ve just met. He’s good with children too. Both my daughters love him and they get along in a very short time. Very excellent service and a great companion to enjoy the beautiful Kawaguchiko Lake. Since he is fluent in English, he can make the tour enjoyable and fun! All the best for you Taka-san! Wish you can guide to more places other than just Kawaguchiko so we can take you as our companion to other beautiful areas in Japan. I would definitely give 5 stars and recommend anyone who wants to visit the Kawaguchiko area to use Hokuroku Works with Takahisa Hosoya.

Thank you my friend Penny, you are so friendly, too, especially your daughters are not standoffish and easy to talk to, then that made the tour the most!
I will travel more in Japan for ourselves and let the my guests know about them after/before visiting Fuji Five Lakes.
Arigato Gozaimasu!

Lixin Yang


​Jul. 2. 2019

I am glad to choose this tour with Taka. He is passionate about showing me some hidden spots away from the normal touristic places. I had great conversations with Taka during the trip and learned that he dedicated a lot of his own time to helping other local Japanese people with their English to provide a more English-friendly vibe for the international travelers like me. Thanks Taka.

Thank you for your review, I am really happy to hear you enjoyed my town and grasped my goal. I believe that there will be more people who wants to help the tourist like you in this town. We will never stop challenging ourselves to welcome you, and your message pushed me up! Thank you very much!

Sovannari Yan


​Jun. 30. 2019

Private tour is the way to go!

I knew today called for bad weather, rain and overcast over Mount Fuji. But, I am so glad I decided to do this tour. I chose the 3 hour tour and Taka was my tour guide. He was so helpful and went above and beyond to make most of weather! He even extended my time so the weather would clear up. It was great because he was a local and answered any questions. He knew a lot of information. I was able to choose what I wanted to see or do and he gave great recommendations that weren’t so touristy. He also took my photos for me, as I am a solo traveler which was a bonus! I would highly recommend this route than a big tour group because you get to focus on what you want to see and go with your pace. Plus, you want to make the most of your limited time in an unfamiliar place. I felt like I was able to see a lot and wouldn’t have if I tried to do this on my own.

Thank you Taka for your kindness and great hospitality!

Thank you very mush Sov, I'm really happy to see such a wonderful comment. Though it was not perfect weather, it was amazing how you interprets things in a positive light. I appreciate your great expression about good points for the tour instead of my poor one, it will be helpful for next guests, too.
I'm looking forward to see you, your family, friends next time!
Domo Arigato!

Glenn Dureiko


​May. 13. 2019

We found Taka outside the bus station, and what a find it was. He took us to places off the beaten path with terrific views. Took great pictures of us standing at a waterfall with views of Mt Fuji. . He took us different local spots around the lake. He even had us stop for a terrific view of Mt Fuji, and gave us hot tea. What a nice touch. Definitely would highly recommend him

Glenn, thank you for spending a day with me and your kind review. I'm glad to hear you liked those places. It was not very clear day though I hope you could spend nice time in the country your family live, Japan. See you again in here or your town!



​May. 4. 2019


Thank you very much for this day!
Taka is the perfect guide! He shows us everything. We went to some places where you can be alone and enjoy the moment with no tourist with a perfect view....
We could use our drone!! grin
Thanks again
I recommend +++
(sorry for my English) 

Wow, What a nice compliment!
I was also glad you enjoyed the day with  many beautiful cherry blossom trees in full spring bloom. Actually I saw the drone video on your facebook, it was awesome:)
And thank you for sharing my tour with your friend, I'm sorry that I couldn't help him on that day, but I'm looking forward to see your friends next time.
You can come again in other season like autumn leaves season, snowy winter, too, and hope the airplane ticket will be cheap! hehe;)

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