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This whole trip was just amazing.

This whole trip was just amazing.

A treasured memory of our Mount Fuji

A treasured memory of our Mount Fuji

really worth the money

really worth the money



More of a friend than a tour guide.

More of a friend than a tour guide.

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Saiko Lake




​Apr. 24. 2019


To me Taka is a five star guide..very kind and friendly person, and can get along easily so you don’t feel him like a stranger.

An English teacher, a father of two children and a lucky wife with a nice Toyota Wish car 

His service was superb, and really worth the money, compared if you take a local sightseeing can get to much more spots around Kawaguchiko, including a beautiful rare spot at the top of the hill where only local guide like him know it.

Taka is also a perfect photographer, he knew what angle that I want when taken me and my family a picture.

I definitely recommend Taka to you who want to explore Kawaguchiko area comfortably.

All the best Taka!

Thank you for praising and introducing me a lot!
This area, Fuji Five Lakes is very popular to visit, but most of tourist go same place and some of them are too busy, so as you mentioned, since it is not enough to going around by bus, I also would like to take the tourists and let them know nice little known spot, and I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed the tour.

Actually, I have learned camera and photo for a while, but Mt.Fuji and some natures make the photos better, too! Daddy is often out of family photo to be the camera man, so I'm grateful that you all are nice in photos and you liked them.

Please say hello and thank you to your family, adorable your son:) I look forward to your third visiting here in another season! Thanks so much!!



​Apr. 6. 2019

❤Fantastic!!! Taka treated us with kindness and courtesy. 

Thank you so much for your comment!
You were friendly and courteous, too.
I was happy to see your family's nice smiles:)

Ronit Eshel-Ashkenazi


​Nov. 19. 2018

The trip with Taka will always be a treasured memory of our Mount Fuji experience! 
Taka was extremly helpful and an interesting companion, he picked us up from the bus station for a 2 hr visit of the secret places around Kawaguchiko, we would have never gotten to these beautiful spots! 
It was well organized with maps and a variety of places to visit (depending on the weather), pick up and drop off at hotel, and the best part was the lovely local Hoto Lunch, which was an experience and extremly delicious (don't miss it!!), and the  lovely tea he made for us. 
We plan to be back with the whole family to climb the mountain, hopefully Taka will be available to guide us up! 
Thank you for everything! We enjoyed your company very much (and we got to see and visit the mountain!) wish all the best to you and your family!!

Thank you for your warming message and review posted!
I'm happy to know you enjoyed your trip with me. I was also happy to see you two were happily go along together during tour :)
It was not really nice weather on that day, but good to hear that you were able to see the Fuji on the next day.
It will be nice climbing if we could make it! I'm looking forward to see you and your family in near future.
By the way, my son is happy to play with the air plane! Thank you.



​Nov. 17. 2018

Highly recommended English Speaking driver at Mount Fuji. My girlfriend and myself have defintely enjoyed our time. We could plan our own itinerary and with Taka's recommendation, this whole trip was just amazing. Taka, Thank you for the wonderful and splendid service!

Thank you so much for posting on several website, Allan! It was short time, but great to meet you at the station, please say thank you to your girlfriend for choosing this town to trip around. I think the perfect weather and the peak of the autumn leaves also made your trip better, but as you see, it's hard to going around by public transportation on such as nice day. I'm glad that you enjoyed the day by my tour and found us to be a great value. You will see my new photo on Instagram, please remember your trip and hope you could enjoy the other season! 

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