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Lost your destination?

Now it's time to jump into Nature!

It must be very disappointing for you to know most of  big attraction such as Ghibli Museum, Disney Land, Disney Sea, teamLab, Universal Studio, many museums...have been closed. But you don't have to be negative, there are much other things to do in Japan!

Why don't you visit countryside and relax? It's not so busy like city and you can escape from crowd of people. Of course, nature doesn't close and can be enjoyed anytime!

Let's think about visit Fuji Five Lakes area for example. As we all know Mt.Fuji is the highest and one of the most beautiful mountain and it attracts many tourists. Moreover, it is surrounded by various of nature and you will feel like you are being cleansed by them when you go around the area.

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It's still winter there and the air is cold and fresh, then Mt.Fuji can be seen clearly than other season. There are five lakes and each north side of the lake is the best place to view Mt.Fuji if the weather cooperate you.


Even if it is cloudy or rainy day, surrounding mountains are decorated by clouds because of the altitude and you will feel like you are being on the planet in the clouds.


Cycling around the lakes, walking in the forest, visit shrines...they have not been your trip plan, but will be unexpected time for you.

Aokigahara Forest

A mysterious, beautiful forest spreading foot of Mt.Fuji. There are many trails and caves there. Around the Saiko Lake is the easiest to reach and best to walk.


For example ?

-Attractions in Fuji Five Lakes-

Kawaguchi Asama Shrine

Historical shinto shrine which was registered as a World Heritage site. It is located huge woods and not crowded like others.


Oishi Park

Public park on the lake shore of Kawaguchiko lake. Easy to reach by bus and some foods are available around there.


Cycling around Kawaguchiko lake

It's a 20km cycling around the lake and takes about 3 hours if you go leisurely, but it's almost flat road and easy to do.

There are some rental bike stores near the Kawaguchiko station and some of them has electric bike as well.

Get some foods and drinks before start and have a picnic on the way!

How to go around?

-Transportation in the area-


Sightseeing(local) Bus

Many bus lines run in the area, especially around Kawaguchiko lake and Saiko lake. Unlimited ride pass will be worth to buy if you take the bus more than 4 times.

Details: Transportaion

Guided Tour

It might be tough to see around by bus especially when you are coming for a day trip. Guided Tour would be easy and it takes you not only big touristy but also hidden gems as well.

Details: Guided Tour

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How to get to ?

-Transportation from other city-

If you are coming from Tokyo area, it takes only 100 minutes and costs only 2,000 yen. You can reach from/to Kyoto, Osaka area easily as well.

From/To Tokyo 


Highway bus: Shinjuku, Shibuya, Tokyo - Kawaguchiko

Train: Direct run express "Fuji Excursion" Shinjuku - Kawaguchiko


From/To Kyoto, Osaka


1) Shinkansen(bullet train) Osaka,Kyoto - Mishima

2) Eepress Bus(Mishima liner) Mishima - Kawaguchiko

  ↓See details here↓

 Tokyo   Kyoto, Osaka(West Japan)

Let's keep it positive! 

When you're traveling, unexpected things are sure to happen. But you can take it in a positive way and make your days unexpected one as well. Don't finish your trip with unfortunate, don't look down. Remember that nature always welcome you even in this situation. And Japanese people will be more happier if you enjoy your trip in Japan, and looking forward to seeing you next time!

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