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How to get to Kawaguchiko, Mt.Fuji area, Fuji Five Lakes, from Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya, Yokohama, Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Hida-Takayama, Hakone, etc... -Easy, Cheap, Budget-friendly, Smart way/access by Highway bus, Train.


Where is the Fuji Five Lakes?

The Fuji Five Lakes area is located almost center of Japan, only 100 km West of Tokyo.

The main stations around Fuji Five Lakes area are "Kawaguchiko(河口湖)" and "Fujisan(富士山)".
There are some similar station/place names in Japan such as "Kawaguchi(川口)", ”Fuji(富士)", "Fujishi(富士市)", "Fujimidai(富士見台)"... so please make sure to say in right pronunciation when you ask somebody and be careful not to go wrong place.

Go to the area section where will you come from/go to

(Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya)

(via Gotemba)

(Hida-Takayama, Karuizawa, Kusatsu, Nagano, Hakuba, Matsumoto)

●Tokyo(Kanto) area

●Tokyo(Kanto) area

There are many options to get to the Fuji Five Lakes area. The most accessible main station is Shinjuku, downtown in Tokyo.

Some other highway buses also run between each key station around Tokyo area, such as Tokyo, Shibuya, and not many buses though from Narita, Haneda each Airport, too.


・Train (From)

①Go to Shinjuku from your nearest point by each transportation.

​(From Yokohama area:

    Take the Yokohama-line from Yokohama to Hachioji.)

②Take the Chuo-line going toward ”Tachikawa, Takao, Kofu”.

   Local: approx 1h 30min-1h 40min *transfer time not included / 1,320 yen

    Express: approx 1h / 1,320+1,450 yen(Express Charge)

③Chage at Otsuki to the Fujikyu-line.(to Kawaguchiko)

   Local: approx 55min-1h 10 min / 1,140 yen

    Express: approx 47 min / 1,140+600 yen(Express Charge)

*Chuo-line is branched into some forks and many destinations.

  There will be a case that you need to change the train on the way to Otsuki.

   - Japan Transit Planner(input the station name, search the route)

*Some direct trains are managed to run through the JR-line and Fujikyu-line.

   - Fujikyu Railway

   - Fuji Excursion

*JR-PASS does not cover Fujikyu-line.

​    - Japan Rail Pass

*Trains between Narita Airport and Downtown of Tokyo

​    - Narita Express (N'EX), Keisei Skyliner

・Highway bus

(Click the URL to see details)

Shinjuku (Keio, Fujikyu)

  27 buses+more/day / approx 1h  45min/1,750 yen

Tokyo (Japan Bus Online, Willer, Fujikyu, JR)

  20 buses/day / approx 2h/1,800 yen  

Shibuya (Keio, Fujikyu)

  12 buses/day / approx 2h 30min/1,800 yen

Haneda (Shinagawa) (Keikyu, Fujikyu) (Airport Limousine)

  4 buses/day / approx 2h 45min(2h 5min)/2,470 yen(2,000 yen)

Yokohama (Sotetsu)

  3 buses/day / approx 2h 30min/2,060 yen  

Ikebukuro (Japan Bus Online)

  1 bus/day / approx 2h/1,850 yen

Omiya(Kawagoe) (Japan Bus Online)

  1 bus/day / approx 2h 40 min(1h 50min)/2,470 yen

Akihabara (Willer)

  2 buses/day / approx 2h/1,800 yen

Narita (Japan Bus Online, Keisei) (Airport Limousine, Tokyo Shuttle)

  2 buses/day / approx 3h 40min/3,300 yen

●West Japan area

●West Japan area

(Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya)

You can move to/from west Japan taking Shinkansen(Bullet train).

Most popular way is taking Shinkansen and express bus. It is cheapest, fastest and shortest way though you have to transfer. 

There is only one train line called "Fujikyu-line" around Fuji Five Lakes area, but it is not connected to Shinkansen.

There are some direct bus lines between each key cities and Fuji Five Lakes area, but they run in the night.

Riding Shinkansen will be nice experience for your journey in  Japan!

・Train & Bus (From)

①Take the Sanyo-Tokaido Shinkansen from each Station.

  See below for amount of time and fare.

   Japan Transit Planner(input the station name, search the route)

②Change at Mishima to the express bus "Mishima-Liner" to Kawaguchiko.   (Japan Bus Online, Fujikyu)

  8 buses/day / approx 1h 40min/2,260 yen

*Rapid Shinkansen(All "Nozomi" and most of "Hikari") does not stop at Mishima station.

When you come from Hiroshima, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya by rapid Shinkansen, you have to transfer to a local Shinkansen which stop at Mishima.

・Highway bus

③Osaka/Kyoto(overnight bus) (Willer)

  1 bus/day / approx 11h/6,700-8,700 yen(Osaka),6,200-8,200 yen(Kyoto)

④Nagoya(daytime/overnight bus) (Fujikyu)

  1 or 2 buses/day / approx 4h 20min(8h 20 min-overnight bus)/4,110 yen

West Japan-map-line2.png
●Landrocked area

 (Hida-Takayama, Karuizawa, Kusatsu, Nagano, Hakuba, Matsumoto)

●Landrocked area

It is general, but not so many transportations run between local areas. Also, it takes much time and sometimes long layover when you transfer.
It will be better to check the timetables and make a plan in advance.



①Highway bus    (Nouhi Bus, Fujikyu)

  2 buses/day / approx 4h 40min/5,000 yen


  -Take the Takayama-line to get to Nagoya.
  -See the page "West Japan area" after Nagoya.

   See below for amount of time and fare.

     Japan Transit Planner(input the station name, search the route)

・(Nagano), Karuizawa, Kusatsu


  -Take a train or Shinkansen to get to Tokyo area.
  -See the page "Tokyo(Kanto) area" after that.

   See below for amount of time and fare.

   Japan Transit Planner(input the station name, search the route)

・Nagano, Hakuba, Matsumoto

④Take the Sinonoi-line(Oito-line) and Chuo-line going toward “Shiojiri, Kofu, Tokyo”.
   Local: approx 2h 50min - 3h 50min/3,670 yen(Nagano),
            2h 35min/2,590 yen(Matsumoto)
       approx 2h 30min - 3h 30min/3,670 yen(Nagano),
            1h 40min - 2h/2,590 yen(Matsumoto)
          (+2,150 yen- 3,670 yen :Express Charge) 

       *transfer time not included

⑤Chage at Otsuki to the Fujikyu-line.(to Kawaguchiko)
   Local: approx 55-70 min/1,140 yen
    Express: approx 47 min/1,140+600 yen(Express Charge)
See below for amount of time and fare.

     Japan Transit Planner(input the station name, search the route)


*No direct buses run

●Hakone area

●Hakone area

Fuji Five Lakes area is located the other side of Mt.Fuji from Hakone area. It is about 1.5 hour drive distance, however not so many buses run and takes time to move.
You have to take at least two buses, the transfer point is Gotemba station or Gotenmba Premium Outlet.

・Bus (From)

Take the Hakone Tozan Bus or Odakyu Hakone Highway bus  to Gotemba station or Gotemba Premium Outlets.

Hakone area bus map

①G-line Yunessun - Gora - Sengoku -  Gotemba station

 Few buses in a day

②M-line Yunessun - Gora - Sengoku -  Gotemba Premium Outlets

 Every hour in daytime

W-line -Gotemba station

 from Hakone Odakyu Yama no Hotel  4 buses/day

 from Hakone-En  7 buses/day

 from Togendai - Sengoku  Every 30 minutes in daytime
④Chage at Gotemba station or  Gotemba Premium Outlets to Fujikyu bus going toward to Kawaguchiko.

 Route and Time table
 Local: approx 70-100 min/1,510 yen
  Express: approx 60 min/1,600 yen (reservation required)

Station / Bus terminal information

Coming soon!


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