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Food is one of the biggest part of trip and you will like to have something nice one in local.

As you know, Japanese food is very popular and there are many Japanese food restaurants everywhere in the world so that Japan has unique food culture.

But are they real Japanese food style? Meaning, it can be said that it must be the best to enjoy the food grown in Japan, made by Japan living people, in Japan. The foods grown in local fresh water and air, the cooks who know local climate and natural features, when they work well together and when you taste them in local, that would be great one.

Especially, Japanese local-specific foods/dishes must make you eating enjoy yourself. Check the list below and try! 

You would be tired of eating Japanese food, but don’t worry! There are many Western, Asian, Indian and other style restaurants and Japanese cooks are very good at cooking in each other style dishes as well.

Some international cuisine restaurants are run by its country people, such as Chinese, Korean, Indian, Italian, and American.

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*Please confirm business hours before going to the restaurant.

*Listing information is based in on the time of creation. There may be differences in the actual state.

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Local Foods

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