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Hot spring (Onsen) info
Onsen etiquette

Enjoy the views while taking a swimming pool or bath... it is one of pleasure on the trip.
As you know, Japan is a volcanic islands with more than 2,000 hot spring (onsen) resorts. There are many hot springs can be enjoyed the view, but one thing can be said for sure is that the Fuji Five Lakes area is the best hot spring resort 



The last stop of Fujikyu-line and key

station of Fuji Five Lakes area. Many buses come and go one after another and it is often full of tourists.


Source of photo: ”ゆらり

The sightseeing bus “Retoro/Omuni bus” goes around Kawaguchiko lake and Saiko lake, and it is convenient to going around these area.

Some local route bus lines also run bound for Gotemba(via Oshino, Yamanaka lake), 5th station of Mt.Fuji, Shin-Fuji, Kofu.




Tel: 0555-85-3126

Address: 8532-5 Narusawamura,Minamitsuru,Yamanashi

Taxi: min / yen

Bus: bound for Lake Motosu, get off at Fuji-Midori-no-Kyukamura-Mae bus stop.  min / yen

free shuttle: 4 buses/day booking is required



Bus-Fujisan station

富士山駅 1.jpg

The switch back staion on Fujikyu-line. Most of local bus-lines start this station. It is the base point toward East of Fuji Five Lakes area such as Oshino, Yamanakako lake.

The sightseeing bus “Fujikko-go” might be useful if you go around East area.

Some local bus going toward to Gotemba through popular touristy such as Kitaguchi-Hongu Sengen Shrine, Oshino Hakkai.

You will take one of those when you go near there. 

It is very complicated to take the bus, so you should ask bus driver or ticket window worker.

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